Since posting my first personal web site in 1996, I've survived three major site updates.  This archive presents each of these updates the way they appeared on the day they were taken off the web.  I've tried to make only necessary changes, such as fixing dead links.


Paul 11/29/2002

Site 1:

Web Euphoria


September 1996 - December 1997


Out of the three, this is the only site with enough content to keep one busy for more than a minute.  The Java sunrise special effect was state-of-the-art at the time.  Don't miss the computer joke hall of fame.


Site 2:

Struggling for Good Taste


January 1998 - October 2000


Here begins my slow descent into web cynicism. 


Site 3:

Going with the Flow


October 2000 - November 2002


The first site I was really proud of.