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If you have a Web site, you know.

Whatís the first thing people notice when they look up your URL? Is it, "great animation," or, "what beautiful rollovers," or perhaps,"Whoa! Look at those partnerships!"


The first thing people notice is that, once again, you havenít updated your site, dude. A Web site, once posted, relentlessly expires. This is especially embarrassing if you live on Internet time, which is worse than dog years.

A site that hasnít been updated in a year is actually 10 years old in Internet time. But I try to look at it positively: to me, a Web site is a time machine that I can use to speak to the future generations of the Internet. These words, posted by me in the fall of 2000, will live on in a world we canít hope to image.

What fonts will they use? Will there be new kinds of JavaScript errors with intelligent personalities? Will sites start to ask that users downgrade their browsers? Only time will tell.

So, future Web site dudes:


"Be Excellent to Each Other"

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