The Revolution Will Not Have a Web Site

or Paul's Cavalcade of Techno-Ambivalence

In the end, the Reggie home page all but gives up on the idea of being a resource link to information on the Net... Never mind that the clients Reggie is supposed to serve are not likly to have a computer, let alone a connection to the Web. Forget about that nast reality: having a Web page has become the way we must prove our existence. We have a "presence" on the Web: we are therefore real. Click here to learn all about Project Reggie. Here are our hours and services. In the end, we simply do what everyone else does on the Net: we advertise.

from Close to the Machineby Ellen Ullman

I build software at Eagle Rearch in San Francisco, California.
My site title paraphrases Gil Scott Heron's The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Yes, I'm that Paul Keister

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